About Us

Since our first Santa Photo program opened in 1961, Cherry Hill Photo has been providing special event and holiday photography services at premier properties, including specialty centers and large enclosed malls. Over the last 55 years, Cherry Hill Photo has relentlessly been dedicated to providing our partners with excellent service and quality photographs.

Providing our partners and their customers with memorable experiences that become annual traditions is our primary focus. All of our set personnel, from the greeter to the photographer to our holiday characters, are trained to provide a magical experience for customers of all ages and to insure a professionally operated and profitable photo operation.

By developing and utilizing our own leading digital imaging technology, we are able to provide a high quality photo in a short amount of time. A photo that will be shared for generations to come. To meet the demands of today’s digital and social media generations – we continue to work with our partners to provide a holiday app, and website that engages the customer before, during and after their photo visit.

Over the last five decades, we have taken over 40 Million photos in most of the premier shopping destinations throughout United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and England. With our experience and our technology, your special event or holiday photo operation will be part of our history of success!