Why Us

Experience - For over 55 years, we have delivered successful holiday photography services across the United States, including Hawaii, Canada, Great Britain and Puerto Rico. Our successful business model allows us to customize a holiday photo program that can be designed for your specific needs - from premier properties to regional/community shopping centers - we can do it all!

Management - It is our belief that a focused and hands-on management team will deliver valuable results. Each set location has a regional and local manager that are trained to work with each partner to help insure the success of every photo operation. In addition, we are dedicated to collaborating with each partner to be an integral part of marketing promotions from Santa Breakfast to Easter Egg Hunts - we will be there to help increase traffic and sales!

Set Personnel - All of our set personnel are trained onsite to provide excellent customer service and  to create a magical moment for each customer. Each year nearly three-quarters of our set personnel are returning employees - thus providing even greater dependability and service.

Technology - Cherry Hill Photo has a team of industry and technology experts that work to ensure every photo program is delivering the most cutting edge digital imaging services available. We are constantly upgrading our services to provide a quality photograph that can be easily customized to fit any photo program.

Customer Commitment - Our customers can depend on a high quality photograph that they can hang in their living room, put on a coffee mug or share on Facebook. By offering our photography customers a holiday app, and a special website, we continue to engage the customer before, during and after their visit.

Contact Us Today! - To book with us or find out more information for your holiday photography event, please contact us at 1-800-969-2440.